“Corny mo bro, baka naman umuwi ka na din ha? “, Ryan stated.

“Corny mo bro, baka naman umuwi ka na din ha? “, Ryan stated.

“Oh! Bakit nandyan ka pa? “, He was asked by me.

“Hinintay na kita baka kasi bigla kang makatulog sa banyo, hehe. “, patawa niyang sagot.

“Grabe ka naman! Hilo lang ako, hindi lasing. “

“Ah okay. Sabi mo eh. “

I became completely surprised as he leaned towards me personally and provided me with a kiss. Sa gulat ko, naitulak ko siyang papalayo.

“Sorry, i did not suggest to, but Jen, i really couldn’t make it either. You are therefore pretty. “, stating that as he had been searching straight that is dead my eyes.

“Lasing ka lang, Carlo. Walk it down baka mawala din yan. “, He was left by me here and gradually wandered returning to the living area.

Bumalik na din siya after a few momemts. He simply seemed him a smile just to let him know that it’s okay at me and said sorry without voicing out. Tumango lang ako and gave.

The session proceeded. After hour, Miko and Trish needed to state goodbye.

“Dudes, una na kame ha? “, said Miko.

“Booo! Baduy niyo! Maaga pa bro! “, JP shouted.

“Sorry bro, may lakad pa kame later on with fambam. Bawi kami quickly. “, Miko responded.

“Ok fine, fine! Ingat na lang kayo pauwi. Paki kabig na lang din pala gate that is nung, stated JP.

Through the flooring, lumipat ako sa settee. I desired to set down but i cannot, baka kasi masuka ako. Therefore, i simply sat down and waited for my shot. Carlo and Ryan were still on to the floor. JP and Maya remained doing their thing. Napansin kong medyo tumahimik si Carlo. Ang kaninang madaldal at makulit, most of a parang naging anghel that is sudden. He may be troubled on which occurred to us earlier in the day.

So I tossed a pillow at him. “Huy! Ok ka lang?! “, while laughing.

“Ok lang ako, medyo tinamaan lang ng antok, hehe. “, smiling right back at me personally.

“Corny mo bro, baka naman umuwi ka na din ha? “, Ryan stated.

“Hindi gago! Mamaya pa ako uuwi. “

After that, unti-unting bumabalik yung kakulitan niya. Hindi niya na lang siguro iniisip that is masyadong kanina. It had been 4:30 each morning, i simply discovered na hindi na pala namin kasama sila JP and Maya. They might have sneaked out of us and went along to sleep or something like that. Ugh! Natakasan kame mga loko that is ng!

“Oh! Paano ba yan, tatlo na lang tayo, taasan ko na yung tagay ah. “, then Ryan poured almost a glass-full of Bacardi in to the cup.

“Shot mo na, Jen. “, sabay pasa sakin baso that is nung.

We drank it right and ugh, it felt like my liver burned in a case. Ang dami nung nainom ko! Buti na lang nakaya ko and i did not vommit.

The shot cup was rotating if you ask me even more quickly, asian cam site therefore, the outcome, i am getting tipsier. Ugh! I really could simply hope I can go home that it ends soon so.

Then the couple of minutes passed, we stated i really couldn’t take in any longer. I am aware I’m able to nevertheless get it done but do not wish to push myself. I am aware my limits that evening. Therefore, Carlo drank it in my situation. Siguro bumabawi lang siya sakin because of just what took place. We smiled at him and stated many thanks.

“Ayun! Naubos din sa wakas! “, Ryan shouted then stood up to lit a cigarette.

“Hay! Buti naman! “, indication of respite from me personally.

“Bro, CR lang ako ah. Maiwan ko muna kayo diyan. “, Ryan then strolled towards the convenience room. Carlo endured up and sat down beside me personally.

“Jen, sorry kanina ah. “

“Ok lang yun. Ano ka ba?! Don’t concern yourself with it. “, He was told by me.

There was clearly silence from then on. We had been maybe maybe not speaking. I acquired my bag and had been trying for my phone then instantly, he grabbed me personally because of the arm and began kissing me in the lips.

Ugh! This guy does not understand how to stop! Pero hinayaan ko lang siyang gawin yun, i did not push him this time around. I desired to learn how long had been their persistency and exactly how we will find yourself. He is a great kisser, in fairness. It lasted for the couple of minutes then he stopped and looked over me personally.

“I’m sorry”, he believed to me personally once more.

“Ssh! Simply shut up and kiss me. “, sabi ko.

At tinuloy niya nga ang paghalik niya sakin. It became more aggressive, moreintimate. Our tongues had been involved, parang ispadang naglalabanan. We tasted the liquor as a result. Kadiri, pero hindi ko na ito pinansin. I became caught by hischarm, torrid kisses and their huge ego.

We felt their remaining hand relocated from my waistline, going as much as my upper body. Pa-simple niyang sinayaran yung boobs ko but their hand did not stop here. It reached my check out hold it although we had been kissing. Nakaramdam ako ng kiliti, parang ang lamang loob ko that is nakuryente.

Their hand went and moved back again to my right boob. This time around, he had been starting toplay with it from outside. Lalong ang that is nag-init ko, we felt my nipples were certainly getting difficult. Naging mapusok lalo ang aming halikan. My feet were crossed tighter. We feltthe urgency. Uhaw ako nung panahong iyon.

Ilang sandali pa, he pulled down my dress along with my strapless bra. Myboobs popped away like bouncing balls. I was topless although not totally nude. He groped both of my breasts and fondled my already-hard nips. Napaungol akosa ginawa niya. Ang sarap, na-miss ko to! Fuck!

At it, I suddenly noticed that Ryan was already standing behindus while we were! Kanina pa pala siyang nandun! I became therefore embarra.

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