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the people, commonalty; -lög, n. pl. public law; -þing, n. alls-endis, adv., esp. with a preceding negative, in every respect, quite, thoroughly; also, til alls-endis; -háttar, adv. of every kind. very likely; -sáttfúss, a.

  • I’m not sure what their plan of attack will be, but I’d have to bargain it would be looking to stay solid all around and they are banking on teamwork and chemistry to win them games.
  • good nature; -lyndr, a.
  • bekkjast, ð and t, dep.

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The Walkers aren’t done with Calgary’s curling bubble after mixed doubles. The WCF cancelled it, however, and added it to Calgary’s curling bubble April 30 to May 9. Einarson, Val Sweeting, Shannon Birchard and Brianne Meilleur would have been unavailable for mixed doubles if the women’s world championship in Switzerland had gone ahead this month.

to prepare for a thing; búask við boði, veizlu, etc., Nj. við dauða sínum, andláti sínu, (eccl.) to prepare for one’s death, Fs. 74; búask við vetri, to provide for the winter, get store in, Fms. esp. (v. bú) to have a household, cattle, sheep, and milk; hence búandi, bóndi, bær, and bú; búa við málnytu , ok hafa kýr ok ær at búi, Nj. búi (dat.), 153, K.Þ.K. 90; búa búi sínu, to ‘big ane’s ain biggin,’ have one’s own homestead.

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unasked; úfrekliga, adv. not forwardly; úfrekr APKBest Mobi, a. not forward; úfrelsa (að), v. to make captive, deprive of freedom; úfrelsi, n. shyness; úfreski, úfreskr, see ‘ófreski, ófreskr’; úfriðast (að), v., úfriðast með þeim, they become enemies.

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